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Arts graduates working in


Digital Content Marketer –


“I’m the Digital Content Marketer at Harmoney,

which is New Zealand’s first licensed peer-to-

peer lending marketplace.

“Being involved in a company during its start-

up phase means you end up being a ‘jack of

all trades’, but largely my focuses are email

marketing and content management. Day-to-

day I write, design and build emails, write new

content and manage the website.

“My Arts study paved the way to my job in a

few surprising ways. Most crucially, I made the

connections that got me the job (join clubs –

seriously!), but I also got to spend three and a

bit years developing my interests, becoming

a better writer, learning how people think and

developing a really solid, self-motivated work


“Some of the most important skills that I gained

through studying in the Faculty of Arts are open-

mindedness, a willingness to learn and explore

and a diligent work ethic. Arts study gives you a

fantastic opportunity to blend analytical thinking

with creative exploration and to make this kind

of thinking an integral part of who you are and

how you work.

“All the advice I received was that most people

change their career a few times throughout their

lives, and the most important thing is that you

study something that you enjoy.

“So that’s what I did.”

Grace Brebner

Bachelor of Arts

Double major in English and Psychology

Retail Marketing Executive

– Air New Zealand

“As Retail Marketing Executives, our team

manages the retail campaigns including

television, radio and outdoor advertising as

well as the digital components such as online

banners, emails and webpages. It’s pretty

awesome to have responsibility for so many

different facets of the campaign.

“My biggest highlight so far was going into the

studio with our talent to record some voice overs

for a television campaign. I think there’s going to

be a lot of highlights to come.

“Media, Film and Television and Psychology

prepared me well for marketing roles. They have

helped me to understand how people think and

then applying it to marketing situations.

“Doing a BA really helped me to mature in my

ideas and stand up for my point of view. Being

able to formulate clear reasons with evidence

is a huge part of marketing, so all those essays

really paid off.

“The biggest reason I did a BA was the

flexibility – I was able to study a wide range of

subjects rather than getting pigeon-holed into

something right from the beginning. It gave me

the opportunity to take a few other courses

and decide if what I was doing at the beginning

was right for me and if I should keep doing it. I

actually did Drama for my first year instead of

Media, Film and Television. I took one Media,

Film and Television course and was hooked!

“I know that if I hadn’t done a BA, I would not be

where I have ended up today.”

Laura Butler

Bachelor of Arts

Major in Film, Television and Media Studies*

and minor in Psychology

*This subject is now called Media, Film and Television.

Account Planner –

DDB Advertising

“I’m an Account Planner which basically involves

finding the right communications strategy to

create an effective ad campaign, based on

insights around the brand, target audience and

business problem.

“DDB has a cool “no jerks” policy, which means

you’re usually working with people both nicer

and smarter than yourself, and the diversity of

the work in planning is great. Being able to work

on a number of different clients gives you the

chance to learn about a range of businesses and

how they operate. It’s a good mix of creativity

and commerce.

“It’s hard to pin down one highlight as I’ve

been lucky enough to help out on some great

campaigns here, but having a tiny part in the

‘Bring Down The King’ campaign for SKY TV and

Game of Thrones

stands out as a special one.

“I came into advertising in a fairly roundabout

way, having done a double major in History

and Art History. But I think those fields actually

gave me a nice point of difference and wider

perspective against people who might have

been more specialised towards pure marketing.

The good thing about being a Planner is that

anything and everything (history, film, fiction)

can be useful in coming up with a strategy.

“Just because you start out doing one thing

doesn’t mean that it will end up being your

career. The nice thing about an arts degree is the

range of different places it can lead you. Often it

will be something you never saw yourself in but

actually turns out to be a great fit. I think there’s

something to be said for studying something

you’re naturally interested in.”

Jack Murphy

Bachelor of Arts

Double major in Art History and History