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This table highlights the career outcomes of some of our recent graduates and illustrates how an Arts degree can open up career possibilities in a wide range

of fields. Data for this table was sourced from LinkedIn 2016 and Faculty of Arts graduate profile information.

The information in this table and on the following pages are just some examples of the fields you could work in and the jobs your Arts degree could prepare

you for. To read more graduate stories visit

Our graduates work in fields as

diverse as:

In positions including:

Advertising, marketing and communications

Advertising Traffic Executive

Content and Advertising Manager

Performance Executive

Digital Content Marketer

Digital Specialist

Digital Adviser

Digital Marketing Technologist

Marketing Specialist

Marketing Associate

Online Marketing Coordinator

Sales and Marketing Executive

Communications Specialist


Graduate Archaeologist

Specialist Archaeologist

Senior Archaeologist

Heritage Information Advisor

Heritage Consultant and Anthropologist

Archaeologist and Heritage Manager

Technical Advisor Historic and Cultural Heritage

Business development and management

Senior Associate Integrated Strategy and


Fundraising Manager

Business Development Manager

Sales Operations Executive

Associate Manager Global Consumer Insight

Research Manager

Cloud Solutions Manager

Customer Interaction Coordinator

Project Manager/Senior Associate

International development and relations

International Relations Coordinator – Japan

International Consultant – Climate Change

Division, United Nations

Programme, Policy and Partnerships Manager

Educational Consultant – United Arab Emirates

“I look to hire graduates with an

arts degree because they've been

taught how to think outside the box

to solve problems and they have the

necessary critical thinking skills to

adapt to 21st century demands.”

Aaron Dus – Vice President | Associate

Partner – Strategic Planning, Rosetta

Advertising, Los Angeles

“An Arts education provides a

great foundation for a career in

a company like Fonterra. Today’s

labour market is a lot more dynamic,

fluid and global. Employers are

looking for people who can thrive

and compete in that environment –

and that means a premium on skills

like critical thinking, collaboration,

adaptability, resilience and

communication skills.

“The ability to think ahead, to work

with diverse people, to challenge

boundaries and to come up with

solutions to complex problems –

these are things that employers

increasingly value. As you move to

senior roles, organisations look for a

broader set of leadership skills and

that is where an Arts background

really comes to the fore.”

Philip Turner – (Acting) Director Global

Stakeholder Affairs – Fonterra





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