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Arts graduates working in


People and Organisation

Coordinator – Mars

New Zealand

“I currently work as People and Organisation

Coordinator at Mars New Zealand, which was

rated Best Workplace by IBM Kenexa in 2015.

“It is a varied role involving the coordination of

annual training, annual conferences and other

events, health, safety and wellbeing, employee

on-boarding and off-boarding, objectives and

development plans, engagement projects,

rewards and benefits, and the list goes on!

“I am very lucky to be a part of a rare workplace

culture doing what I love and really progressing

in the human resources space.

“The great thing about the Faculty of Arts is

that it is flexible and allows for and encourages

personal growth and aspirations. I spoke

with a faculty member who advised me that I

could undertake a Graduate Diploma in Arts in

Employment Relations and Organisation Studies.

This tied in with my previous degree and added

business and management substance and


“I think the greatest asset I have gained through

my study has been my understanding of

people, of different ideologies and approaches,

management and business. Along with this,

I have strengthened my time management,

communication and analytical skills, which has

thoroughly helped me in all of my roles.

“Each year, I became more and more confident

in the things I enjoyed, and the things I didn’t

enjoy as much. This guided me to narrow

my focus and concentrate on career options

supported by these aspects.”

Melanie Fisher

Bachelor of Arts

Double major in Sociology and Education

Graduate Diploma in Arts in Employment

Relations and Organisation Studies

Associate Manager –


“I’m currently an Associate Manager in Hasbro’s

Global Consumer Insight division, working in the

Strategic Foresight team. Hasbro is one of the

largest toy manufacturers in the world, owners

of brands like

Monopoly, Transformers, My Little

Pony, G.I. Joe, Play-Doh, Nerf, Littlest Pet Shop,

and the main licensor for films such as


Wars, The Avengers, Spider-Man





“The best part of my current role is the impact

my work has on aiding and influencing upper-

management’s decisions. Critical thinking

and logic skills, picked up through study in

Philosophy have been a big help, as is my

skim-reading ability picked up from having

to read various novels, plays and associated

philosophical readings in my English and

Philosophy classes. The ability to quickly find

pertinent data or information from a wall of

text, the ability to deduct, and to formulate an

appropriate hypothesis from the data are skills

that were fostered in my time at the Faculty of


“I’ve also found that the ability to construct

creative data displays and the practice of writing

essays, short stories and reviews has been

crucial in singling me out from the competition.

You wouldn’t believe the amount of researchers

and insight generators that like to data dump,

or provide 100+ page reports or presentations

instead of short, streamlined, visually interesting


Michael Liddle

Bachelor of Arts

Major in Film, Television and Media Studies*

and minor in Philosophy

*This subject is now called Media, Film and Television.


Research Manager –

NeedScope International

“I’m responsible for managing and conducting

qualitative research projects that develop brand

strategy solutions for clients across a range of

sectors. NeedScope is a market research tool

for understanding and managing emotion and

motivations in brand choices.

“We do a lot of international work so I’ve done

some really interesting projects in different

cultures. A highlight for me was doing a beer

study in Nigeria. It was really fascinating

exploring their beer drinking culture and the

impact that it had on brand positioning and


“My major was Political Studies*. One of the

reasons why I enjoyed it so much is because I’m

interested in understanding human behaviour

and what drives the choices we make. Political

Studies is an extension to this. Why are we

drawn to certain political leaders? Why do we

vote the way we do? How does a country’s

political culture influence political decisions?

This interest in human behaviour fits well with

the work I do now which seeks to understand

how underlying emotions influence consumer

behaviour and brand choice.

“The biggest benefit of an arts degree is the

transferable skills you get. Understanding how

to research effectively, how to critically evaluate

strategies and ideas and knowing effective

communication techniques are all skills that

can be applied across a wide range of jobs and

different industries.”

Sophia Blair

Bachelor of Arts

Major in Political Studies*, minor in History

Bachelor of Arts (Honours) in Political Studies

Master of Arts in Political Studies

*This subject is now called Politics and International