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“I manage Engineering Change Projects on

Shell’s gas production plants.

“The main thing that I like about my job is that

it’s different every day. Every project has its own

unique challenges and risks that it’s my job to

work through, and working with a large variety

of stakeholders means there’s always something

new to learn.

“Shell hires their graduates based on behaviours

and personality. When I applied for an

engineering graduate position, having an Arts

conjoint degree showed that I was well-rounded

and had more than just technical ability. I know

that this helped me to stand out in the screening

rounds of the recruitment process.

“As well as this, I think the skills I learned

during my degree helped me to get through the

interviews, which required us to analyse options,

think critically and collaborate with others.

“I gained many skills through my Arts study that

are directly relevant to my job, such as having

the ability to understand different perspectives

and being able to construct a logical argument

which takes these different perspectives into

account, collaborating and negotiating with

people who hold a different perspective to

me, the ability to step back from a technical

issue and understand the bigger picture and

the ability to contribute to my organisation’s

understanding and awareness of social issues.”

Katherine Halliburton

Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Engineering

(Honours) conjoint, majoring in Sociology

Project Lead – Shell New Zealand