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Entry requirements

The 2017 Faculty of Arts guaranteed entry scores for undergraduate entry into the Bachelor of Arts

are: 150 (NCEA Level 3), 150 (CIE) and 26 (IB).

To find out more about entry requirements and application closing dates for admission in 2017, refer

to the University of Auckland’s

Undergraduate Prospectus

( ) an



For advice about the faculty’s entry requirements, see information at futureundergraduates

The Faculty of Arts offers a Targeted Admission Scheme and Conditional Admission for students

who do not meet the guaranteed entry scores. For information see the faculty’s entry requirements

information at

The University has introduced an Academic English Language Requirement (AELR) into all its

undergraduate programmes to ensure you have a sufficient level of competence in academic English

to support your study at University. The AELR will not affect whether you are offered a place on a

programme, and may be met through your entry qualification or through satisfactory completion of

an approved course in your first year of study. Applicants who have not met the AELR through their

entrance qualification will be provided with advice at the time of enrolment. For further information,


Transferring from another tertiary institution

We welcome applications from students who wish to transfer to a University of Auckland BA from other

tertiary institutions. If you have studied at another tertiary institution in New Zealand or overseas, we

will need to assess your results to determine your eligibility for admission to the University of Auckland.

When you apply for admission, you may also apply for transfer of credit for tertiary courses completed

elsewhere (please note application fees may apply for credit assessments).

Depending on the amount of credit you have been awarded, you may be able to be awarded a

University of Auckland Bachelor of Arts after completing the equivalent of one year’s full-time study

and passing 120 points.

To find out more, see the entry requirements information about recognition of previous academic

study at



A specific topic within a subject. Courses are the basic units from which a programme is

built. Each course is assigned a points value that counts towards your degree and has its own code

and title, eg, HISTORY 103 Global History.

General Education:

General Education is a component of undergraduate degrees at the University

of Auckland. It is designed to give you an appreciation and understanding of fields outside your

usual area of study.


The subject that is the main focus of your BA and is studied to the most advanced

undergraduate level.


The subject that is the secondary focus of your BA.


A University of Auckland degree, diploma or certificate.


The level of a course, either Stage I (beginning at University), Stage II (intermediate) or

Stage III (advanced undergraduate level).


An area of knowledge you study as part of your degree, eg, History.


“I actually swapped from Engineering to

Arts after my second year of study. For me,

studying in the Faculty of Arts was so much

more interesting and engaging.

“The best part of my current role is the

impact my work has on aiding and

influencing upper management’s decisions.

Recently I created a quick one-page

summary of our top eight markets for the

President of Hasbro Brands, who was very

impressed with the simplicity and the

engaging format of the data I presented.

“I’ve found that the ability to construct

creative data displays and the practice of

writing essays, short stories and reviews

has been crucial in my career. You wouldn’t

believe the amount of researchers and

insight generators that like to data dump, or

provide 100+ page reports or presentations

instead of short, streamlined, visually-

interesting documents.

“The ability to quickly find pertinent data

or information from a wall of text and

the ability to deduct or formulate an

appropriate hypothesis from data are skills

that were fostered in my time at the Faculty

of Arts. In an Arts degree it is possible

to cross-pollinate across different fields

of study. This frequently allows for ideas

and combinations of approaches that are

unavailable to people that have too narrow

a scholastic focus.”

Michael Liddle

completed a Bachelor of

Arts in Film, Television and Media Studies*

and Philosophy and is now an



in Hasbro’s Global Consumer

Insight division, working in the Strategic

Foresight team.

* This subject is now called Media, Film and