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Page Background

Our graduates work in fields as

diverse as:

In positions including:

Media production and film directing

• Assistant Editor

• Production Manager

• Promotions Scheduler

• Promotions Producer

• Producer

• Research Writer

• Game Designer

• Radio Journalist

• Film Director/Producer

Publications and content writing

• Senior Content and Publications Editor

• Independent Journalist

• Publicist

• Content Writer and Coordinator

• Writing Director

Translation and Interpreting

• Translator

• Medical Interpreter – Auckland District

Health Board

• Manager Translation Service – Department of

Internal Affairs

Youth development and advisory

• Adviser – Ministry of Justice

• Youth Worker


Skills that employers value

“An Arts education provides a great foundation for a career in a company like Fonterra. Today’s

labour market is a lot more dynamic, fluid and global. Employers are looking for people who

can thrive and compete in that environment – and that means a premium on skills like critical

thinking, collaboration, adaptability, resilience and communication skills.

“The ability to think ahead, to work with diverse people, to challenge boundaries and to come up

with solutions to complex problems – these are things that employers increasingly value. As you

move to senior roles, organisations look for a broader set of leadership skills and that is where an

Arts background really comes to the fore.”

Philip Turner,

(Acting) Director Global Stakeholder Affairs – Fonterra

“I would be looking to hire someone with an Arts degree because they’re creative thinkers and

can bring a different perspective. They can think outside the box to come up with different

solutions. Other skills they bring are good communication styles and techniques as well as strong

time management skills.”

Rachel Kemp,

Senior Recruitment Specialist – Youi (Insurance)

“The pace of change today is quite overwhelming but an Arts degree gives you the opportunity

to cope with change and diversity. Arts students have an advantage when you look at what

organisations are now wanting: agility, diversity and the ability to think on your feet and to

interpret what’s coming at you. [These skills] would cross any range of sectors or scale of


Margi Luzanycia,

Head of Business Partnering, People and Capability – Auckland Council

“Arts teaches you technical skills that are very helpful in the business world. It teaches you to

read critically and argue persuasively – those are key skills in any business career.”

Phil O’Reilly, CEO

– Business New Zealand

“As an employer, I can tell you that an Arts degree gives you the kind of skill-set you’re going to

need for a world that is changing so fast.”

Dame Claudia Orange OBE, DNZM,

Head of Research  Te Papa Museum, Wellington

“Some of the most important skills that I

gained through studying in the Faculty of

Arts are open-mindedness, a willingness to

learn and explore and a diligent work ethic.

Arts study gives you a fantastic opportunity

to blend analytical thinking with creative

exploration, and to make this kind of

thinking an integral part of who you are and

how you work.

“In a small marketing team of four, you're

often working with very small budgets and

very limited time, so the ability to create

out-of-the-box solutions, to push yourself

beyond the ‘easy’ answer

while also

making sure it’s achievable within budget

and on time and will deliver the required

results … it’s not always easy, but it’s these

skills that will get you far.

“I participated in the Young Scholars

programme when I was in Year 13, taking

a Stage I English course. And I just fell in

love – it challenged me in a way that school

wasn’t at the time and gave me a freedom

that I was missing.

“All the advice I received was that most

people change their career a few times

throughout their lives and the most

important thing is that you study something

that you enjoy. So that’s what I did.”

Grace Brebner

completed a Bachelor of

Arts with a double major in English and

Psychology and is now a

Digital Content


at Harmoney.