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Where can it take you?

Our graduates combine an in-depth knowledge of culture and society with valuable transferable skills,

such as critical and creative thinking, advanced communication skills and the ability to research and

analyse. This has enabled them to pursue many different career paths both in New Zealand and overseas.

Graduate career outcomes

The table on pg.


highlights the career

outcomes of some of our recent arts graduates

and illustrates how an Arts degree can provide

a strong foundation for success in a variety of


Research from Universities New Zealand –

Te Pōkai Tara has found that**:

• Arts graduates earn around $1m to 1.3m

more over their working life than non-


• Arts graduates earn above the national

median for salary and wage earners.

• 90% of arts graduates are in degree-relevant

roles such as teachers, managers and policy

and planning roles.

*Data for this table was sourced from LinkedIn 2016

and information provided by Faculty of Arts graduates



Earnings data is taken from the 2013 Census.

Employment rate data comes from the Ministry of

Education’s 2014 “What Young Graduates Earn When

they Leave Study.”

Our graduates work in fields as

diverse as:

In positions including:

Advertising, marketing and communications

• Advertising Traffic Executive

• Content and Advertising Manager

• Performance Executive

• Digital Content Marketer

• Digital Specialist

• Digital Adviser

• Digital Marketing Technologist

• Marketing Specialist

• Marketing Associate

• Online Marketing Coordinator

• Sales and Marketing Executive

• Communications Specialist


• Graduate Archaeologist

• Specialist Archaeologist

• Senior Archaeologist

• Heritage Consultant and Anthropologist

• Archaeologist and Heritage Manager

• Technical Advisor Historic and Cultural


Business development and management

• Senior Associate Integrated Strategy and


• Fundraising Manager

• Business Development Manager

• Sales Operations Executive

• Associate Manager Global Consumer Insight

• Research Manager

• Events Coordinator

• Cloud Solutions Manager

• Customer Interaction Coordinator

• Project Manager/Senior Associate

• Business Analyst

International development and relations

• International Relations Coordinator – Japan

• International Consultant – Climate Change

Division, UN

• Programme, Policy and Partnerships Manager

• Educational Consultant – United Arab


Language teaching

• English Language Instructor

• English as a Second Language Teacher

Local and national government

• Public Affairs and Political Consultant

• Strategic Policy Analyst

• Graduate Policy Analyst

• Policy Advisor

• Public Policy Officer

• Democracy Services Graduate

• Strategy and Stakeholder Manager –

Infrastructure and Environmental Services

• Local Board Adviser

• Historian – Treaty Settlements

• Diplomat (Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade)

• Division Chief for Policy Formulation

• Development Manager – Auckland Metro

Crime and Operations

• Ethnic Affairs Adviser

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