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Why choose Arts?

As a Bachelor of Arts (BA) student you can choose to study the subjects that inspire you while you develop

the sought-after transferable skills that open up many different career opportunities. You’ll graduate with

a qualification from New Zealand’s leading faculty of arts, ranked within the world’s top 40 for humanities

and social sciences*.

Gain skills for careers

Our graduates have secured rewarding positions both nationally and

internationally in fields including marketing, communications and local and

national government by combining their knowledge of culture and society

with skills such as:

• advanced written and oral communication

• creative and critical thinking

• research and analysis

• team work and collaboration

• problem solving

• adaptability.

Study the subjects you love

Our diverse range of BA subjects gives you the freedom and flexibility

to shape your degree to follow your passion and study the subjects

that you find exciting and inspiring. These include subjects that explore

contemporary issues, such as Anthropology, Criminology and Media, Film

and Television, as well as disciplines such as English, Psychology and

History. You don’t need to have studied a subject at school in order to take

it at University.

Be inspired by great teachers

You can learn from internationally respected staff who are passionate about

their teaching and research. Our academic staff include world leaders in

their fields – some have written the textbooks you will be using. Our staff

have interests and expertise as diverse as producing and teaching creative

writing to studying the impact of whaling on the Pacific Ocean.

Consider a conjoint programme

Conjoint programmes are an excellent opportunity to combine your

interests in different areas and to graduate with additional skills. An Arts

conjoint can add depth and dimension to your study and provides a broad

range of subjects to compliment your major in another degree. You can

study a BA as part of a conjoint programme with Business, Engineering, Fine

Arts, Medical and Health Sciences, Law, Music or Science. Many students

find that study in one area often enriches and enhances their learning and

understanding in the other. For example, you could combine BA subjects

in Criminology and Philosophy with a Bachelor of Laws or a BA subject

in Politics and International Relations with a Bachelor of Commerce. The

valuable transferable skills you develop through BA study can enhance your

employability and your ability to succeed in your career.

*2015/16 QS World University Rankings.


“As part of the Faculty of Arts internship course I worked with Teach

First NZ, an organisation that aims to address educational inequality

in New Zealand. The project exposed me to areas of work that I had

not previously engaged with. I was able to learn more about the non-

profit sector and gained an inside understanding of the rewards and

challenges that arise from charitable work.

“I also had an opportunity to learn from marketing professionals and

was able to produce an effective end result despite my lack of prior

experience. The project indicated the wide variety of work that can

be done with the skills gained through a Bachelor of Arts, including

the ability to conduct research, process information and convert that

data into a manageable output. It also drew on my skills in oral and

written communication. These skills will be useful in my future career,

especially in advisory or research-based roles.

“The Faculty of Arts internship course is a great chance to apply

yourself to practical fields, broaden your experiences and apply

yourself to different environments.”

Jerome de Vries

undertook an internship with Teach First NZ as part

of the Faculty of Arts internship course.

Skills that employers value

“Having an intern with a fresh, creative mind like Jerome join our

recruitment team really allowed us to invest in valuable but time-

intensive projects like print marketing materials. He brought with

him a strong work ethic and excellent ability to understand and

communicate ideas, and produced a comprehensive report with clear

and justified recommendations for the years to come.”

Liam Munday,

Recruitment Advisor at Teach First NZ

Jerome (L) with workplace mentor Liam Munday.