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Psychology is the study of how people think, feel

and behave. We examine how the brain works,

how children develop, and aspects of behaviour

such as how people cope with stressful life

events. We also study human personality and

intelligence, and why some people suffer from

mental health disorders.

Stage I courses

PSYCH 108 Individual, Social and Applied


PSYCH 109 Mind, Brain and Behaviour

Screen Production

Screen Production in the BA provides

practical experience of film and media

making, embedded within a liberal arts

programme that explores the history,

aesthetics and technologies of film and media.

You will be encouraged to develop traditional

and innovative skills for creating cinematic

narratives, as well as gain technical expertise

from staff with strong links to the industry.

Stage I courses

FTVMS 100 Issues in Contemporary Media

FTVMS 101 Film Studies

FTVMS 110 Advertising and Society

ENGLISH 109 Drama on Stage and Screen

GERMAN 130 Germany on Screen: Modern

German Cultural History through Film

POLITICS 113 Politics and the Media

Social Science for Public


Are you concerned about health in your

community, and health inequalities in

New Zealand and around the world? Are you

interested in a career in health and social

services? Social Science for Public Health puts

public health issues in context and looks at ways

we can understand, analyse and improve health.

Stage I courses

ANTHRO 100 Human Cultures: Introduction to

Social Anthropology

ANTHRO 102 How Humans Evolve

ANTHRO 104 Peoples and Cultures of the Pacific

ASIAN 140 New Zealand and Asia

GENDER 100 Gender and the Culture of

Everyday Life

GEOG 102 Geography of the Human Environment

GEOG 104 Cities and Urbanism

HISTORY 102 Sexual Histories: Western

Sexualities from Medieval to Modern Times

HISTORY 107 Rethinking New Zealand History

MĀORI 130 Te Ao Māori: The Māori World

PHIL 102 Introduction to Ethics

PHIL 103 Freedom, Rights and Justice

POLITICS 107 New Zealand Politics

POPLHLTH 101 Health Systems 1

POPLHLTH 102 Health and Society

PSYCH 108 Individual, Social and Applied


SOCIOL 100 Issues and Themes in Sociology

SOCIOL 101 Understanding Aotearoa

New Zealand

SOCIOL 103 Social Policy, Social Justice


Sociology pays special attention to questions

of power and social justice. It places particular

emphasis on theory, research methods and

social policy. Topics include the sociologies

of health, gender, culture, education, media,

crime, finance, deviance, emotions, ethnicity,

religion, tourism and family.

Stage I courses

SOCIOL 100 Issues and Themes in Sociology

SOCIOL 101 Understanding Aotearoa

New Zealand

SOCIOL 102 Becoming Modern: The Origins

and Consequences of Modernity

SOCIOL 103 Social Policy, Social Justice

SOCIOL 105 Cultural Studies and Society

SOCIOL 106 Sociology for Auckland


Spanish is spoken by more than 500 million

people in more than 20 countries, and is the

second most widely used language in the world.

You can learn the language from beginners to

advanced levels. You can also study the cultures

and literatures of Spain and Latin America,

including film, music and popular culture.

Stage I courses

SPANISH 103 Iberian and Latin American


SPANISH 104 Beginners’ Spanish 1

SPANISH 105 Beginners’ Spanish 2

EUROPEAN 100 Europe and the World


Statistics is the art and science of extracting

meaning from data. Statistical arguments

pervade the media and are at the core of much

public policy debate. In our data-rich world we

increasingly need to be able to interpret and

critically evaluate statistical information.

Stage I courses

STATS 101 Introduction to Statistics

STATS 108 Statistics for Commerce

STATS 125 Probability and Its Applications

STATS 150 Lies, Damned Lies, and Statistics

COMPSCI 101 Principles of Programming

MATHS 108 General Mathematics 1

MATHS 150 Advancing Mathematics 1

MATHS 162 Modelling and Computation

Teaching English to

Speakers of Other

Languages (TESOL)

You can develop a good understanding of

English and second language learning from a

language teaching perspective. You can begin

understanding how to analyse language and

“Being part of the creative process and working with a great marketing team

and creative agency on national campaigns is very rewarding. I get a lot of

job satisfaction from being involved in a creative process that has a tangible

effect on the business. A lot of my jobs have involved copywriting, and having

a degree that involved a lot of essays gave me the confidence I needed in the

workplace. University also taught me to be a more attentive listener and to

pay attention to detail – skills that have served me well in my career.

“The reason I chose a BA was that it gave me the opportunity throughout

my degree to really understand exactly what it was I enjoyed and therefore

would excel at. In my first year I took more of a mixture of courses, but by

the time I hit second year I knew what it was I wanted to focus on, what I

was enjoying and consequently what I was excelling in.

“Study what you enjoy and you’re more likely to succeed. University for me

was about enjoying learning in a new way and discovering what I was good

at. It also gave me confidence in my own abilities to succeed – something

that I never really found at school.”

Elyse Kirke

completed a Bachelor of Arts with a double major in Media, Film

and Television and Sociology and is now a

Marketing Specialist

at Mitre 10.