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GERMAN 130 Germany on Screen: Modern

German Cultural History through Film

POLITICS 113 Politics and the Media


Music for the BA covers musical skills and

analysis, the history of music, music in society

and culture, and popular music.

Stage I courses

MUS 100 Basic Musical Techniques

MUS 101 Materials of Music 1

MUS 102 Materials of Music 2

MUS 106 Conducting

MUS 110 Composition 1

MUS 111 Composition 2

MUS 119 Introduction to Music Technology

MUS 140 Writing about Music

MUS 149 Rock to Reggae: Tracking Popular

Music in New Zealand

MUS 160 Foundations of Music Education

MUS 176 Jazz History

MUS 177 Jazz Project 1

MUS 186 Music Industry Studies

MUS 188 Making Words Sing: The Art and Soul

of Songwriting

ANTHRO 103 Musics of the World in Everyday


ANTHRO 106 Issues and History in Popular Music

PACIFIC 110 Pacific Music and Dance

Pacific Studies

Pacific Studies takes many different approaches

to the Pacific. You can study languages,

indigenous knowledge, society and culture,

music and dance, history, art, linguistics,

political economy and identity. Cook Islands

Maori, Samoan and Tongan languages are also

subjects in their own right.

Stage I courses

PACIFIC 100 Introduction to Pacific Studies

PACIFIC 105 Pacific World Views

PACIFIC 110 Pacific Music and Dance

ANTHRO 104 Peoples and Cultures of the Pacific


“It’s really exciting being in the thick of it

at Parliament, particularly within a party

that gives its staff a high level of input into

decision-making. It’s pretty non-stop. You’re

constantly having to figure out the best

way to communicate complex issues, make

quick decisions about what to focus on and

give insightful advice

all while being as

accurate as possible.

“Knowledge of the New Zealand political

system and its history is certainly a big help

when you’re working in Parliament. Aside

from that, I think the emphasis on critical

thinking and the exposure to a broad range

of topics that you get in an Arts degree is

hugely helpful.

“I didn’t really know what I wanted to do

when I left high school, so I decided to study

things I was interested in, rather than be

purely career-minded about my choice. I

can really recommend studying part-time

as the life lessons you learn outside of

University make studying more interesting

and give what you’re learning more context.

This breadth of knowledge and experience

is really important and something that’s

seen as quite valuable in political staffers.”

Hayden Eastmond-Mein

completed a

Bachelor of Arts with a double major

in Political Studies and Film, Television

and Media Studies* and is now a



in the Green Party Leaders’ Office

at Parliament.

* These subjects are now called Politics and

International Relations and Media, Film and


COOKIS 101 Introduction to Cook Islands Maori

HISTORY 104 Pacific History: An Introduction

LINGUIST 102 Languages of the Pacific

SAMOAN 101 Samoan Language 1

TONGAN 101 Tongan Language 1


Philosophy uses reason to understand what we

can know, what we ought to do, and for what

we might hope. We also explore whether we

can have knowledge about values and reality.

Studying Philosophy can develop your reasoning

skills and your ability to analyse and criticise


Stage I courses

PHIL 100 Mind, Knowledge, and Reality

PHIL 101 Introduction to Logic

PHIL 102 Introduction to Ethics

PHIL 103 Freedom, Rights and Justice

PHIL 105 Critical Thinking

PHIL 152 Philosophy and Theories of Human


Politics and International


Politics is fundamentally about who gets

what, why and how. Studying Politics and

International Relations can help you understand

the political structures, processes and

relationships that govern our everyday lives,

both here in New Zealand and across the

globe. You can study a range of important

political problems, from questions about

multiculturalism, democracy and the role of

the media in debates about climate change to

human rights and peacebuilding.

Stage I courses

POLITICS 106 Global Politics

POLITICS 107 New Zealand Politics

POLITICS 109 Foundations of Western Politics

and Law

POLITICS 113 Politics and the Media