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Stage I courses

LATIN 100 Introduction to Latin Language 1

LATIN 101 Introduction to Latin Language 2

ANCHIST 102 Ancient Greek History

ANCHIST 103 Roman History

CLASSICS 110 Classical Mythology through


CLASSICS 120 Philosophy of Ancient Greece

and Rome

CLASSICS 130 Love and Death in Greek and

Roman Literature

CLASSICS 140 Classical Mythology in Epic

Latin American Studies

Latin American Studies can give you a thorough

understanding of this important region. It

includes language, history, politics, economics

and cultures, ranging from First Nations to

contemporary indigenous social movements and

political change, to literature, film, music and

cultural critique.

Available as BA minor only.

Stage I courses

LATINAM 101 Introductory Portuguese


SPANISH 103 Iberian and Latin American


SPANISH 105 Beginners’ Spanish 2

POLITICS 106 Global Politics


Linguistics is the study of language as a human

activity. It explores how we combine words into

phrases and sentences, how we convey social

information and social goals, how language

changes, how children learn language, and even

how we understand what is meant but has not

been said.

Stage I courses

LINGUIST 100 Introduction to Linguistics

LINGUIST 101 Language, Mind and Society

LINGUIST 102 Languages of the Pacific

LINGUIST 103 Introduction to English Linguistics

Logic and Computation

The way in which a computer works is closely

related to the laws of thought and the structure

of language. You can study the symbolic

representation of language, thoughts, arguments

and methods of computation, and increase your

knowledge of human rationality and the design

of computer software.

Stage I courses

COMPSCI 101 Principles of Programming

COMPSCI 105 Principles of Computer Science

COMPSCI 107 Computer Science Fundamentals

LINGUIST 100 Introduction to Linguistics

LINGUIST 103 Introduction to English Linguistics

MATHS 150 Advancing Mathematics 1

PHIL 101 Introduction to Logic

PHIL 105 Critical Thinking

Māori Studies

You can study Māori language from beginners

to advanced levels, learn about Te Ao Māori

(the Māori world) and develop your knowledge

of issues affecting Māori and other indigenous

peoples. You can also study Māori histories,

politics, media, development, kapa haka and


Stage I courses

MĀORI 101 Introduction to Written Māori

MĀORI 103 Introduction to Spoken Māori

MĀORI 104 Kōrero 1

MĀORI 130 Te Ao Māori: The Māori World

MĀORI 190 Kapa Haka 1

COOKIS 101 Introduction to Cook Islands Maori

POLITICS 107 New Zealand Politics


Mathematics can be challenging, powerful and

fascinating, but above all it is useful. It makes

essential contributions to science, medicine

and business, as well as to communications,

linguistics and genetics. Wherever problems

need to be solved, mathematics has a role to


Stage I courses

MATHS 101 Mathematics in Society

MATHS 102 Functioning in Mathematics

MATHS 108 General Mathematics 1

MATHS 150 Advancing Mathematics 1

MATHS 153 Accelerated Mathematics

(a special course for secondary school students


MATHS 162 Modelling and Computation

MATHS 190 Great Ideas Shaping our World

Media, Film and Television

Media, Film and Television offers you the chance

to study issues relating to film, television and the

internet – such as advertising, gender relations,

democracy, global media genres and histories

and Hollywood cinema – with an emphasis on

theoretical, cultural and historical knowledge

necessary for critical engagement. Media, Film

and Television is about much more than just

watching movies or television programmes – it’s

about how we interpret and reflect a variety of

media in our everyday lives, and the exciting

directions that media could take us in the future.

Stage I courses

FTVMS 100 Issues in Contemporary Media

FTVMS 101 Film Studies

FTVMS 110 Advertising and Society

ENGLISH 109 Drama on Stage and Screen

“I am of Tongan descent and have been

living in Auckland for 14 years. It has

always been at the top of my list to attend

New Zealand’s leading university. It is a

great experience studying in the Faculty

of Arts because I am able to expand my

horizons and study more than just the field

I am in currently.

“Once I have graduated I would like to assist

Māori and Pacific families through social

work. I enjoy learning about the history of

the Pacific and also what needs to be done

to improve the lives of Pacific people.

“Remember: no matter how and where you

start the race, it’s the way you finish that


‘Asinate Faka’osifolau

is studying for a

Bachelor of Arts with a double major in

Pacific Studies and Māori Studies.