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Page Background

Stage I courses

GEOG 101 Earth Surface Processes and


GEOG 102 Geography of the Human Environment

GEOG 103 Mapping our World

GEOG 104 Cities and Urbanism

EARTHSCI 105 Natural Hazards in New Zealand


Studying German can be a great way to

introduce yourself to the rich culture of

Germany, as well as discovering its influence

in film and literature and its connections with

New Zealand. German language courses can

give you communication skills in the most widely

spoken language in the European Union.

Stage I courses

GERMAN 101 German Language Introductory 1

GERMAN 102 German Language Introductory 2

GERMAN 130 Germany on Screen: Modern

German Cultural History through Film

EUROPEAN 100 Europe and the World


Ancient Greece gives us a significant linguistic,

literary and cultural heritage. Ancient Greek can

provide you with access to Greek literature and

thought in the original language. You can develop

an understanding of the language, which is one of

the most important sources of modern English.

Stage I courses

GREEK 100 Introduction to Ancient Greek

Language 1

GREEK 101 Introduction to Ancient Greek

Language 2

ANCHIST 102 Ancient Greek History

ANCHIST 103 Roman History

CLASSICS 110 Classical Mythology through


CLASSICS 120 Philosophy of Ancient Greece

and Rome

CLASSICS 130 Love and Death in Greek and

Roman Literature

CLASSICS 140 Classical Mythology in Epic


History encompasses every dimension of life in

the past, and our courses cover a broad range of

historical fields and time periods. In developing

your understanding of the past, you can learn

both historical content and skills, and discover

how the past influences the present and can

shape the future.

Stage I courses

HISTORY 102 Sexual Histories: Western

Sexualities from Medieval to Modern Times

HISTORY 103 Global History

HISTORY 104 Pacific History: An Introduction

HISTORY 106 Europe Transformed: Pre-modern

to the Present

Stage I courses

JAPANESE 130 Japanese Language 1A

JAPANESE 131 Japanese Language 1B

JAPANESE 150 Exploring Japan

ASIAN 100 Images of Asia


Korea is an increasingly important trading

partner with New Zealand and has a dynamic

economy and vibrant culture. You can study

Korean society and culture as well as the

language. Language courses are available for

both beginners and advanced learners.

Stage I courses

KOREAN 110 Korean for Beginners 1

KOREAN 111 Korean for Beginners 2

KOREAN 120 Korean Society and Culture

ASIAN 100 Images of Asia


The Romans left literature of enduring

importance in poetry, drama, satire, history

and philosophy. Learning Latin allows you to

read this literature in its original form, gaining

a deeper understanding of Roman culture and

many modern languages, including English.

HISTORY 107 Rethinking New Zealand History

HISTORY 108 Rise and Fall of the USA

HISTORY 111 Racial Histories

HISTORY 125 War, Peace and Society

ASIAN 100 Images of Asia


In Italian you can study the language and culture

of Italy, and learn to read, write and speak Italian.

You can study contemporary literature, film and

drama, or medieval and Renaissance culture.

Certain courses may be taken without studying

the language. Italian can enhance careers in

translation, tourism, interpreting or business.

Stage I courses

ITALIAN 106 Italian Language for Beginners 1

ITALIAN 107 Italian Language for Beginners 2

EUROPEAN 100 Europe and the World


You can combine learning the language with

the study of Japanese history, culture, society

and linguistics. Language competence and

cultural sensitivity are intimately connected and

with a background in Japanese you can acquire

an in-depth understanding of Japanese culture.