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“My current role is Business Development

Coordinator at Oxfam Australia, based

within the International Development Group.

I focus on the design and development of

international development initiatives within

the Pacific geographical region.

“I studied Anthropology and History at

the University of Auckland, both of which

increased my interest in society and the

way we operate within a global and local

context. Anthropology provided me with

the opportunity to critically examine

society, ethnicity and culture, whilst History

provided me with many examples of human

achievements and injustices. My study

in these areas ultimately influenced my

career aspirations and pushed me towards

an area that would have a positive social


“Arts degrees provide a unique set of skills

that lead to tangible job opportunities.

They allow you to develop flexible, critical

thinking. Your study is often not prescriptive

and forces you to think outside the box,

which is highly desirable to employers in all


“An Arts degree provides an excellent

platform for both employment and further

study, not to mention providing you with the

skills to better understand and engage with

contemporary social issues.”

Ben McFadden

completed a Bachelor of

Arts in Anthropology and is now


Development Coordinator

at Oxfam


Asian Studies

Discover the diverse cultures of Asia, both past

and present. You can study film, literature,

history, society, popular culture and politics, and

acquire a broad and deep knowledge of Asia. A

knowledge of Asian languages is not required.

Stage I courses

ASIAN 100 Images of Asia

ASIAN 101 Faith and Festival in Asia

ASIAN 140 New Zealand and Asia

CHINESE 130 Rethinking China

HISTORY 103 Global History

JAPANESE 150 Exploring Japan

KOREAN 120 Korean Society and Culture


Whether you are a beginner or a heritage

speaker, Chinese language courses can develop

your competence in the language. Alongside this

you can also study the culture, history, literature,

film and politics of China.

Stage I courses

CHINESE 100 Beginning Modern Chinese 1

CHINESE 101 Beginning Modern Chinese 2

CHINESE 130 Rethinking China

ASIAN 100 Images of Asia

Classical Studies

Classical Studies focuses on the art, literature

and philosophy of Greece and Rome. You can

study Greek and Roman dramatists and poets,

in English translation, as well as artists who have

inspired for millennia and continue to influence

the modern world.

Stage I courses

CLASSICS 110 Classical Mythology through


CLASSICS 120 Philosophy of Ancient Greece

and Rome

CLASSICS 130 Love and Death in Greek and

Roman Literature

CLASSICS 140 Classical Mythology in Epic

ANCHIST 102 Ancient Greek History

ANCHIST 103 Roman History

GREEK 100 Introduction to Ancient Greek

Language 1

GREEK 101 Introduction to Ancient Greek

Language 2

LATIN 100 Introduction to Latin Language 1

LATIN 101 Introduction to Latin Language 2


Criminology focuses on both the causes of

crime and the different ways societies respond

to deviance. We consider topics including

restorative justice, cybercrime, penology,

gender, policing, prisons, cultural criminology,

justice policies and indigenous perspectives.

You will take Sociology courses at Stage I and

Criminology courses at Stage II and III.

Stage I courses

MĀORI 130 Te Ao Māori: The Māori World

PHIL 103 Freedom, Rights and Justice

POLITICS 109 Foundations of Western Politics

and Law

SOCIOL 100 Issues and Themes in Sociology

SOCIOL 101 Understanding Aotearoa

New Zealand

SOCIOL 103 Social Policy, Social Justice


Dance in the BA blends theory and practice.

You can learn about different dance forms and

techniques and can examine the aesthetic,

cultural, social, physical and community

viewpoints of different dance genres.

Available as BA minor only.

Stage I courses

DANCE 101 Introduction to Dance and Creative


DANCE 107 Dance History and Contexts

DANCE 112 Dance Kinesiology

DANCE 131 Dance Education


We combine the literary study of drama with

experience in all aspects of performance. You

begin by studying the literature and history

of drama and the theatre. In later years your

studies can include practical theatre experience.

Stage I courses

CLASSICS 110 Classical Mythology through


DANCE 101 Introduction to Dance and Creative


ENGLISH 109 Drama on Stage and Screen

MĀORI 190 Kapa Haka 1

MUS 140 Writing About Music

PACIFIC 110 Pacific Music and Dance


Economics gives you an appreciation of how

modern societies function economically. You can

gain an understanding of economic principles

and apply them to real-world issues.

Stage I courses

ECON 101 Microeconomics

ECON 111 Macroeconomics

MATHS 108 General Mathematics 1

MATHS 150 Advancing Mathematics 1

MATHS 153 Accelerated Mathematics


You can study issues in the field of education such

as educational psychology, sociology, history,

philosophy, child and adolescent development,

and Māori and Pacific education. Your study will

be informed by the latest research in education.