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Major and minor subjects

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Academic English Studies

and Linguistics

This subject is for students who speak English

as an additional language. You can develop

academic literacy skills in listening, speaking,

reading and writing. You will combine this

with the scientific study of language structure

(sounds, words, sentences and meaning).

Stage I courses

LINGUIST 100 Introduction to Linguistics

LINGUIST 101 Language, Mind and Society

LINGUIST 103 Introduction to English Linguistics linguistics

Ancient History

Ancient History explores the society, language

and culture of Ancient Egypt, Greece and

Rome. Ancient peoples can offer fascinating

insights into human society in the past as well as

providing inspiration for the world in which we

live today.

Stage I courses

ANCHIST 100 Ancient Egyptian History

ANCHIST 102 Ancient Greek History

ANCHIST 103 Roman History

CLASSICS 110 Classical Mythology through


CLASSICS 120 Philosophy of Ancient Greece

and Rome

CLASSICS 130 Love and Death in Greek and

Roman Literature

CLASSICS 140 Classical Mythology in Epic

GREEK 100 Introduction to Ancient Greek

Language 1

GREEK 101 Introduction to Ancient Greek

Language 2

LATIN 100 Introduction to Latin Language 1

LATIN 101 Introduction to Latin Language 2


Anthropology is the study of human beings

in all times and places. Our programme

includes archaeology (analysis of past human

behaviour through what we leave behind),

biological anthropology (how humans

evolved and continue to respond to changing

circumstances), social anthropology (cultures,

societies and ways of life) and ethnomusicology

(music as embedded in cultures and societies).

Stage I courses

ANTHRO 100 Human Cultures: Introduction to

Social Anthropology

ANTHRO 101 World Archaeology

ANTHRO 102 How Humans Evolve

ANTHRO 103 Musics of the World in Everyday


ANTHRO 104 Peoples and Cultures of the Pacific

ANTHRO 105 Questions of Race and Racism

ANTHRO 106 Issues and History in Popular


MĀORI 130 Te Ao Māori: The Māori World

Art History

You can study a range of art forms from many

countries, from historical times to the present

day. As well as painting, drawing and sculpture,

you can explore photography, video, digital

and computer-based art, performance art,

cartoons, design, weaving, carving, prints and


Stage I courses

ARTHIST 106 Images and Ideas: Art since


ARTHIST 107 The Renaissance: Art and the City

ARTHIST 109 Shock of the Modern: Monet to


ARTHIST 112 Themes in Art History

ARTHIST 113 Art Matters: Ancient to Digital

ARTHIST 114 Reading Images

ARTHIST 115 Global Art Histories